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Another teaser from the brand new “Bloodbath Over Bloodstock” DVD has been released. You all should be familiar with this song! The DVD is released on Monday. Order it directly from the Bloodbath store or get it in your local shop!

  • Clint

    should be mean bb we love u esp mikael and axe :) love from nz

  • AndresBloodyGore

    Great gig in bloodstock, even I liked more the clips in Party san, you
    know, with a lot of blood. I really hope that you someday bring your
    bloody asses here at Colombia, it would be great if you give a preformance in Rock al Parque festival,
    closing the first day, the metal day, in front of at least, 60.000 or 70.000 people, It
    would be great if you give the first gig in southamerica here in this
    metal country, we are thirsty of you.

    Goodbye cunt lickers. 

  • Stanmarsh

    Bloodbath have gone down hill… i remember the good old days of breading death and resurrection through carnage.. *sigh* what has become of this incredible band? cmon? glasses and a leather jacket compared to being soaked in blood? bloodbath have sold out it seems. what a shame

  • Benni

    @27714bdfd2a27db72c503d1b79b28852:disqus: Lol, leather jacket and sunglasses don’t have anything to do with being a sell-out. Plus: Whom do you call sell-out? Those guys are bringing back the oldschool death metal so shut up with your false accusations! Brilliant band, only I think the sound engineer fucked it up a bit concerning the vocals, but that happens quite often.

  • Andres

    I didnt know being an artist came with a dress code, of course, to see them soaked in blood is a visual pleasure but who gives a shit how they are dressed up if theyre playing a fucking awesome Death Metal, it seem that you dont know what “sold out” means, and you arent a real fan if youre judging them just for wearing some leather, thats the shame.


  • Andres

    The sound engineer didnt fuck up anything, Mikael its been growling in that way since a couple of years ago, if you hear from close, andres vocals sounds pretty good, I wish Mikael get back his previous growls, it would be a catastrophy for mankind if he losses those legendary grunts.


  • James Netherian

    im wondering whats wrong with his growling voice? since unblessing the purity he changed the technique of growling. or is he just “out of breath”?

    it bothers me because he is the god of guttural vocals… 


    Hi Guys…

    i think also here as on Opeth for Mikael: Death Metal Sound is Over. Accept that.

  • James Netherian

    opeth without death metal isnt opeth. its just another band doing another sort of music with the same name.

  • Braanhumn

    Mikael needs to get in tunes with his growls again, that was big parts of Bloodbath being legendary statuses me thinks. Always been bigs fan. Peter Tagtgren me thinks should step back in for another albums and lets Mikael gets the amazing growls back.

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