Posted on August 9th, 2011 by Blakkheim

The Fathomless Mastery was originally released in 2008 and hailed as another masterpiece of brutal, blasphemous Metal, with a definite nod to the masters of the scene, such as Morbid Angel and Entombed flowing throughout the tracks.

This edition of the album includes 4 tracks from the deleted Unblessingthe Purity EP. Recorded in Summer 2007, Unblessing The Purity was a ferocious storm of unadulterated Death Metal fury. All the highly sought after tracks from this sold out pressing are now included on this release.


  • Andres

    Anders Nyström:


    of all, I want to thank you because you seem to be the only one in Bloodbath
    humble enough to communicate some things through the bloodbath official page to
    simple fans like us.

    Due to recent Mikael’s statements about the radical change of his voice which
    has been the result of a technical problem and his lack of interest in growling,
    All the Bloodbath fans are to the expectation to know if he’s gonna continue in
    the band, or if he’s gonna leave it again, and of course, we wanna know if
    you’re gonna make some gigs next year, because a new Opeth record is coming so
    I guess they will be on tour a long time, so it would be awesome an answer
    from your side, this uncertainty is overwhelming.


    and Thank you very much.



  • Iscarius9

    I’m wondering the same thing as Andres…

  • Quaff

    PETER TAGTGREN COULD ALWAYS COME BACK :D i would love to hear that.

  • Sbalcaen

    This comment goes out to each one of Bloodbath members:  Bloodbath has to play until eternity ends and way beyond!!!  One of the coolest and most education death metal acts roaming upon the globe!!!

    On behalf of me,

    Balcaen Steven, Aalst, Belgium

  • Sbalcaen

    Just saying hell-o to all Bloodbath fans and hoping for a killer new Bloodbath album!  Have a nice day to all of you!!!!!!

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