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With all the rumours that’s been wildfiring the last couple of days people have been questioning the current and future status of Bloodbath, so here’s the deal. Mikael Åkerfeldt has officially left Bloodbath. We know this might come as a surprise to some of you, but the rest of us in Bloodbath have been well aware for a long time already that Mike wanted out again. This was made to be made public sooner or later and if you’re curious to know more about why Mike is leaving and his vibes in general you can read his own words here. Mike, our best buddy and death metal vocal god has been a tremendous force in Bloodbath and we thank him for all the good and fun times on stage and in the studio we shared with this side-project since the formation in 1998.

Now, we’ve already been getting a lot of submissions from Bloodbath fans who are looking to replace Mike and we thank you for the interest and offering your talents, but hereby, we want to confirm that our decision to make another album with a new singer is already being prepared since a while. We we will let you know in due time who the new singer is and also details on our musical/lyrical concept that has also already ben set in stone. Expect the exciting things to happen in 2013.

(Old football team Bloodbath preparing for the season 2005 Wacken championship)
  • Mike

    That’s a shame.

  • Diolodin

    too bad .. but i hope the new singer will be so brutal like Peter Tagtegren in nightmare made flesh album … we can’t stop listening to bloodbath , please we want to hear exciting news very very soon … we have been waiting for the new album for along time until this bad news…wish you good luck with the new efforts

  • Navidio

    You treat your fans like hungry animals and no band is big enough to have the right to do that. A real metal band has to play twice a year at least, and not releasing two new shirts every fucking month. Your shop is more varied than Pull and Bear’s!!

    For your own sake, focus on making music again and please, prove you’re still alive sending us signs of life from the top of several stages.

    Sincerely, from a great fan

  • Defleshuary

    Simply read Akerfeldt’s comments about leaving. He was never able to take the band in a serious manner, the rest want to, so he left.

  • Beer_mosh

    finally… the dude forgot his roots and is focused on shit music now…

  • Andres

     First Swano and now Akerfeldt, its a shame the departure of another member from the classic line-up, in the case of Swano was a huge mistake of the band to kick him out, but in the case of Mike I think it was the best for the band, his current growls aren’t brutal enough for bloodbath powerful music, and its a shame having in mind he had one of the most awesome death metal vocals ever, I really hope Peter is again the new singer, cause he growls like the devil, just like Mikael used to do it, cant wait for more news about the new record and about who the new singer is, so come on guys, hurry up, this uncertainty is killing me.


  •ć/1663580791 Nikola Nikolić

    New vocalist should be either Tagtgren or Swano… that’s all. Band didn’t liked Swano’s guitars, but vocals are different thing. Or get back Tagtgren. Akerfeldt was a mistake from beginning. I knew this will happen when I heard Heritage… 

  • Panagiotis Koninis

    Well i hope Blakkheim goes on the lead vocals now

  • Marco

    What a shame. Anyway, Mike’s growl has constantly worsened during the last two years, so the King is dead: long live the King. In my opinion either Swano or Tagtgren as well as Alvestam should take over vocal duties.

  • Andres

     What are you talking about??? The band didn’t kick him out because of his guitar playing, if he created some of the band hit singles such as Like Fire, Eaten and a lot more, he was kicked because the band wanted to do the death metal the grew up with, and swano refused, that’s why, anyway, I seriously doubt he is the new singer, I think Peter is more likely.

  • Rob

    I seriously hope Anders took over vocals. Sounds amazing on the Bloodstock DVD.

  • Jesper

    I think it’s good that he left, even though he was a fucking god, and will be hard to replace. Now you can finally go on tour again!

  • Cloaked

    *sigh*. Akerfeldt is who got me into Bloodbath but Tagtgren made me love you guys. I really, really, really wish you’ll bring him back. If anything just for an EP or two.

    I’ve never heard Peter spit, shriek and growl with such fury as he did on the “Nightmare Made Flesh” album. There’s a reason I’m not much of a Hypocrisy fan but I can’t get enough of “Draped in Disease”


  • Hazardarea51

    I dont know if you guys found an inhaler or not, but ive had people tell me I sound like Akerfeldt, I did a cover just for shits, Check me out and give me an opinion? here a vid link

  • Tetrakarcist666

    this is absolutely shity cover. 

  • mjr87


  • Cemetery87

    Your growls are not that bad …….
    but there is a lot of work to do
    at first PLEASE sing in time.
    because the way you do it here is fu**ing annoying

  • Lewauu

    I say Tägtgren or Swanö.

    I don’t feel like I need to justify this in any way.

  • Jones1293

    Mike turned out to be a total sell out just so that he could sell Heritage. There is no room for the likes of him in Bloodbath. He’s reverted to elevator music. Bring back Peter!

  • Billy Roachrj1423

    Inhaling is going to ruin your scream in a matter of a year or so. if you want to please any real death metal growler, you will learn to do so outward. it gives you a lot more force and power in your growls. plus you will be able to do it longer. Inhaled growls are for shitty deathcore bands that want to pig squeal all day. 

  • TheAndrew

    I want the replacement to be Matti Karki. Please? Can it be him???

  • HaaskAksaaH

    Hei guys! This is the sound of one of your fucking die-hard fans from north of IRAN… for me, a metalhead who really shaming about heritage-family stuffs it’s a big & positive news about the departure of Mr. Akerfeldt.. I know he did his best in his albums, EPs and Live gigs, But the definitely the more important thing is the way which a musician brain drives on.. he never take it serious! and that’s what he deserved..
    For a metalhead who is listening the Death Metal for more than 8 years, Bloodbath is not a simple word and world!.. Just Like DEATH, Amon Amarth, Hypocrisy, Arsames, Nile and … BLOODBATH is OK! so just try to focus on your way and pleaase pleaaaase pleaaaaaase … MAKE AND CHOISE THE BEST OF FUCKING IS …

    My vote : if Mr. Holy Tagtgren don’t mind is HIM m/ … Brutal enough!


    Ramin, 24, Iran

  • LoX

    In my opinion, i think it would be better to bring back Peter to take over the vocals again, he left me a great impression on the Nightmares Made Flesh album, but thats not my choice to make. I only hope for the best for you guys and that the upcoming album is as great as your last (or even greater). Even though you guys are from different bands, you guys still stick together like brothers and continue to destroy concerts wherever you go and thats what makes you guys unique from other bands. See you guys soon….

  • Metalhead23burks

    i CANNOT wait for more work from you guys! and i agree with LoX peter is the next best choice from mikael..keep this giant alive!!! hails from the US m/

  • trobbing gristle

    shut the fuck up

  • trobbing gristle

    do i have to remind you who singed and performed in 85% of bloodbath´s history and who make an outstanding work on the fanthomless mastery ,the unreleased umblesing the purity,resurection through carnage, breething death EP and the fucking demos of this band and who performed live at waken, party san and bloodstock???  do I? so now you are saying he is a total sell out?… all i have to say to you is Fuck yourself with a rubber hose
    Stick it in your mouth and down your throat
    Up your nose and in your heinie hole
    I don’t care where it goes
    And it don’t matter if you’re straight or gay
    You should fuck yourself anyway
    Now, you don’t have to listen to a word I say
    But I know you, you’ll be humpin’ away
    And if you enjoy my coment thank you thank you i love but if you feel totally outraged then go fuck yourself with your face
    P.D.:thanks for reading this litany :)

  • Sbalcaen

    I truly support those who admire Mikael, he was and still is a truly devoted death metal vocalist!!!!  Either it’s Dan or Peter, the only thing I do wanna hear and see is the fact Bloodbath stay in tact and plays on for ages!!!!  Bloodbath dominates the elite death metal scene!!! Death metal heads should unite as always was meant to be!!!  Do not fight one another, unite!!!!  I am sure we’ll get to a compromise guys!!!

    I salute thee all, Balcaen Steven


  • Michaelrausch

     If PETER won’t come back, I think Robert Karlsson, the vocalist from ZOMBIFIED (the band from Sweden, NOT the one from UK) would be great.

    Just my 2 cents

  • Trrn

    Dan Swano would be a super cool option, but i trust you guys anyways so whoever you pick i will admire m

  • McTinkels


  • Francesco Rivano


  • Sbalcaen

    As I do belong to the die-hard fans of Swedish death metal and my favorite bands are Bloodbath and Vomitory, I simply hope the forthcoming vocalist of Bloodbath shall be an entity of hell and totally into brutal death metal, either Dan or Peter, as long as death metal stays within our family entourage, I truly hope it will be a singer will a death metal grunt like we never heard before!!!  Death metal appeals brotherhood!!!

    I hereby salute each death metal head who’s roaming upon our globe!!!! Feel free to share your comments with me and lets make the death metal scene even more to the point!!!

    Sincere salutes, your death metal brother, Balcaen Steven.  To each one of you who reads these lines, I wish thou all the best within the nearby future and more in particular everyone within Bloodbath.

    Balcaen Steven…666

  • Tero J Sarén

    Any news? Been waiting whole year now…

  • Big papy

    Try 4 years and then you can get back to me… Do hope it’s soon though.

  • Tero J Sarén

    …this keeps hounting me, want to know who the “new” guy is.

  • acelya.akkas

    Whoever you will pick, Bloodbath IS and WILL BE FOREVER the most awesome band IN THE WORLD!!!! m/

  • K

    When will you reveal something more …………. ??????????????????????

  • Big papy

    It’s fucken brutal dude.

  • vukasin

    cant wait for a new stuff!!!Greetings from SERBIA

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    The bloodbath is coming! Not too long before we hear the new material, 100% chance it’s gonna be pure metal!

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