Posted on August 10th, 2013 by Blakkheim

To everyone asking us to make more tribute shirts, we’d love to, but the answer is no, these two shirts were the only ones we planned doing from the start as a tribute to two pioneers of death metal across the pond. Making these satire shirts were not only wicked fun, but also gave everyone a massive doze of nostalgia. We advice you to go get them while stock lasts as they won’t be around forever.

To everyone nagging on usĀ (we understand…) to reveal the new singer, we will not do this until we have audio to go with it, so please be patient.
To everyone asking when tthey can expect the new album to be released, we’ve set aside time in january to record. So album title, cover artwork and release date will all follow once that’s in motion.
Thanks for your support and helping us recycle death metal, once again.

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