Posted on August 2nd, 2006 by Blakkheim

Dan Swanö is no longer part of Bloodbath. The reason being restrictions on his behalf to devote more time and effort to the future of this project that it would require by taking things to the next level i.e. touring and playing live. Moreover, his future vision for Bloodbath’s concept proved to head in the almost opposite direction as his desire for death metal was to be of a less brutal kind, something the remaining members regard as musical differences not interesting to pursue, so at these crossroads, we’d like to wish Dan Swanö good luck with his future endeavors and with the music that’s closer to his heart.

The audition for Bloodbath is closed. We thank everyone who tried out, but it’s with dashing hopes we have to announce there’s no suitable replacement that matched our expectations. It was surprising, how so many applications could barely be listened to because of the extreme low quality in talent. We found it shocking to say the least, that same applicants would send us emails claiming they “killed” both of our previous singers, but all they could achieve at the end of the day was our laughs or sighs. Well, one day we can maybe throw together a little compilation of those efforts and put up an exclusive mp3 right here and you’ll be the judge, or have a good laugh or sigh, like us! But this doesn’t mean all the applications were bad, actually a couple of them were damn fu**ing good, but criteria’s on other levels failed. Life goes on and so does death!

Wacken will soon release their annual DVD, but despite what was previously implied, the song ‘Eaten’ will not be featured on the 2005 edition. The entire footage of the show remains archived until there’s been clearances by all parties, a subject to time.

Stay tuned for more news on the development of Bloodbath and the future.

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